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Thank you for visiting PBJ Books.com. I hope you will find this site as entertaining as the book. It has been designed for easy browsing and being informative. On each page you will find new and exciting information.

On the About Us and Biographies pages, you will learn about the author and how Andi the Bee came to be written. You will also find information on Andi herself, the other characters, and where all their names came from. The Boga Bear Books page will tell you all about the first two books that Phil created and how they can be purchased on-line as E-books.

The Events page will tell you where and when the author has been, and where he will be appearing next for book readings and signings. On the Author Visit page you will find out how to have Phil visit your child's school classroom, your place of business, or any youth able-bodied or disabled organization.

The Guest Book page is for you. You will be able to leave your contact information so the author can let you know when a new book is coming out, preview a new book chapter by chapter as it's being written, or leave a personal message for Phil. If you would like to leave a Testimonial, there is a page for that also.

To purchase a signed copy of Andi the Bee, and have it mailed to you, there is a Products page with a "PayPal" button where you can order as many copies as you would like. If you would prefer to contact Phil directly and order your book, all of his information in listed on the Contact Us page. For large bulk orders, there is a deeply discounted sliding scale, but you must contact Phil directly for a "bulk" quote.

Again, thank you for visiting PBJ Books - Home of Andi the Bee, and enjoy browsing the other pages.

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